7 Truths 18 Year Old’s Should Know

1. You are beautiful

You are beautiful and you are powerful.  Do not waste time being negative about yourself or this beautiful life.  Life is way too short for that.

I can also guarantee that no one will ever give you an extra allowance of time to compensate for the time you’ve wasted.

You also need to look after yourself.  Looking after yourself and living the kind of life you want to lead is your responsibility, and your responsibility only.  Do not waste time blaming other people for anything, because your life is entirely up to you.

2. Time picks up speed

As soon as you get into your 20’s time will start picking up speed.  When you get into your 30’s it will accelerate again.  It will accelerate still further when you get into your 40’s.

This is precisely how all human beings all of a sudden wake up one morning middle aged.

When you hit 50 time will speed up once again, and the rocket you have involuntarily found yourself strapped to will continue to gain momentum as it propels you forth into your 60’s, 70’s & 80’s.  This is why 80 year old’s often comment in December that surely only a month ago it was January.

Make the most of life whatever age you are.  If you want to do something, just do it. I have done things that turned out a complete failure, but I’m so pleased and proud of myself because I had a go and learnt a lot at the same time.  What haunts me are the things I didn’t do.

3. Fear is a trick

Fear is a trick that is there to fool you.  You will finally do something that you have been incredibly scared of doing, and you will discover that it is actually easy, mundane and routine almost instantly.  As you get older you will realise that everyone else is also fighting to overcome their fears, going out into the world anxious about something but still doing it, because that’s the only way to overcome fear and the trick it wants to play on you.  Fear will hold you back from absolutely everything if it can, but if you can see the trick that it is playing on you, you won’t let it.

All of us really are crapping our dacks about something or other.

4. You are unique and you can’t pretend that you’re not

You were born a unique individual and you cannot escape this fact.  You have a unique contribution to make to this world and only you will decide what it is.  Further, you cannot ignore what is driving you inside, what inspires and enlivens you when you lie in bed at night thinking.  You cannot suppress or ignore this any more than you can transform yourself into a seven foot tall giant when you are actually a three foot midget.  Enjoy your uniqueness and have a good hard go at your dreams, remembering that the world always says that something new is impossible before it happens.  The world would be an enormously better place if we all had a go at our dreams, instead of choosing to hide behind self-doubt our entire lives.

5. You are in control

There is nothing holding you back except you.  You are responsible for every single aspect of your life.  If you are not living the life you want to live, sit down with yourself and start personally changing whatever it is that you need to change in order to live it.  Do not wait for anything.

6. Money is not important, it’s just a good thing to keep an eye on

Do not waste your time fixating on money.  You have a beautiful life to live, and that is what is important.  Having said that, money is a good thing to keep an eye on because it is a means of supporting yourself both now and in the future.  Try to harness the benefit of time by investing as early as you can, so your money will multiply over time without you having to do anything.

I wish you truckloads of money, but I also wish that your perspective is not limited by it.

7. Keep in mind the legacy you want to leave behind

The strange thing about human beings is that they spend all their time thinking about the mistakes their parents and grandparents made and the legacy of the past that they forget to actually look at the life they are currently living.  All of a sudden they end up in their late 20’s and they’ve had a string of relationships that have fallen apart for the same reason.  Or they have turned into the kind of person who likes to criticise everyone else but doesn’t actually do anything themselves (which is what I did).  Think about the legacy that YOU are leaving behind, over your entire lifetime.  What legacy are you going to leave on this earth?

© Annemaree Jensen 2017

The gorgeous photos included in this essay are taken from the awesome website pexels.com.