What’s Your Preference – Harry High Pants or Larry Low Pants?

I’ve always loved observing people wearing their trousers up that high that they appear to be all trousers and very little shirt, or all abdomen and very little chest.  Retired men sometimes favour this look, though women of various ages can also be seen in public wearing those adorable fitted high waist jeans.

As an example the woman above seems to enjoy wearing her jeans up underneath her breasts.

Some retired men actually seem to use their retirement to push looking smart and tidy to new levels, with this progression marked by the gradual rising of their trousers.  Sometimes the level of the trousers rises to such an extent that they could easily swallow up the gentleman’s arms and the gentleman’s belt tighten itself ferociously around his neck, causing him to become a victim of his own trousers.

Perhaps people favour the high pants look as a way of securing some additional protection for their internal organs, should this be required at any time.  Perhaps they also enjoy the sensation of knowing that their clothing is secure and in place, and that they are tidy and self-contained.

I have always preferred the Larry Low Pants to the Harry High Pants look, which is probably a reflection of the fact that I have always preferred looking comfortable and loose to looking smart and tidy because I am terrible at achieving smart and tidy personally.

I have also always theorised that the Low Pants look generally also indicates someone who is comfortable with themselves and their pot gut, if they have one.  Plus I’ve always been a fan of the friendly sample of arse crack displayed by the Larry Low Pants type, and enjoyed the delightful possibility of dropping a coin down this slot.  A visible coin slot to me has always been like offering someone a smile from the back side of your body, when you are too busy to be able to turn around and give them your usual smile.

In addition, I have always thought that it does take some degree of bravery to leave a soft and sensitive part of one’s self vulnerable.  Doing so is often associated with an absolute focus on the task at hand, rather than a focus on looking perfect while on the job.  Alternatively, if the Larry Low Pants is displaying their arse crack simply because they are oblivious to what may or may not be hanging out of their pants, I like the fact that they are innocently giving the finger to all those who are excessively tied up in their appearance.

© Annemaree Jensen 2017

The amazing image included in this essay is taken from the awesome website pexels.com.