Human Walking Styles

I’ve always loved observing the different walking styles of human beings.  Walking styles are also picked up at a very young age, and children usually model parents or other significant people in their life.  I’ve seen this in small boys who unconsciously walk exactly the same way their father does. Regardless of who we model our walking style on, it is often a very enduring part of our personal style. 

The below walking styles are particularly interesting to observe:

  1. The crapped-my-dacks walk

Some people walk like they have an unpleasant parcel in the back of their pants that they are stuck carrying around all day.  Their trousers also may or may not be bunched up around the crutch.  I once worked for a company where one of my colleagues was a very skilled senior gentleman who did highly specialised work at the business part-time.  He noticed instantly that our Manager walked like he had crapped his pants and I was absolutely delighted when he shared this insight with me. While the gentleman in the above photo is actually practicing an exotic yoga pose and hasn’t crapped his dacks, the kind of walking style where a person looks like they are “holding something” in the back of his or her pants is unmistakable.   

  • The duck waddle

Some people love a good expansive waddle, giving their “diff” a good showing as they stride it out.  While a slow duck waddle can create a bit of a traffic jam in shop aisles, I wouldn’t mess with someone with this walking style.

  • The bow legged cowboy

This walking style is not always associated with cowboys, it is simply often the way someone who has done plenty of physical work in their lifetime walks.  As they say, one’s body always tells the story.  They may also walk with a bit of a left to right lilt, which is once again a result of plenty of physically hard work.  In addition, they may have also copped an injury or two which of course also shows up in their walk.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always totally loved the whole bow legged thing.  

  • The tippy toes ballerina in a mad hurry

Some people are always in a hurried head first leaning tower of Pizza position, with feet that are almost on tippy toes and arms flying swiftly back and forwards as they rush about the place.  While they are great to walk behind because you never get held up if you follow in their tracks, they do appear to be on the road to an early heart attack. 

Then of course there is that particularly sexy strong walk that some people have, a bit like the kind of walk one imagines Bruce Springsteen would have as he sizzles about the place in his blue jeans. I always try to walk like someone like this, but at the moment I’m still a long way off the standard of someone like The Boss.

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