I Can’t Find Anything to Wear

I’m currently at that in between age where I’m finding it damn near impossible to find the right kind of female fashion.

I don’t know about you but I often think that women’s fashion is always stuck in revolting, going from one familiar form of revolting to another in an ongoing, constantly repeating cycle.

It’s a bit like the outfit in the window above.  I’m not sure why anyone would put that dress at the front of the window display.  No wonder the mannequin wearing it has her hat covering her head. Or actually her stump as it looks like she actually doesn’t have a head.

Alternatively, perhaps it’s me wearing the revolting fashion, and all the fashion in the shops is gorgeous.  I’m not really sure, but to be honest I don’t really mind.  The fact that I find most of the fashion repugnant saves me plenty of money and time. 

In the case of formal occasion wear, there seems to be a complete absence of anything appropriate for most of the female population, because everything is made for either the 18 year old – mid 20’s market, or the 80 year old grandmother market.

Finding anything decent in between is nigh on impossible.

A good example of dresses that target 18 year olds is the dress above.  Personally I don’t want to wear something that I’m likely to fall out of at any minute.  I’m happy enough with the unpredictability of life as it is, I don’t need the possibility of a breast dropping out at any minute to make my life more exciting.  Plus I don’t think anyone is really interested in me showing that amount of cleavage anyway.

I know I’ve got breasts by now, and I don’t think they’re that much more interesting than any other part of my body really.

It seems to be that if you want to go to a special occasion you either have to wear something you feel practically naked in, or something like a nice pencil skirt and floral blouse from at least six decades ago. Or indeed, you can find yourself something like women below is wearing, with perhaps a few less layers and slightly less buttons.  We are a bit lazier these days.

In any case, and whatever you are wearing, I hope you are happy and enjoying life.  Because all clothes do is offer some kind of privacy and protection from the elements, and all that really matters is the person inside them. 

© Annemaree Jensen 2020

The photos used in this article were taken from the superb website pexels.com.