Most of the Reasons I go to Work Have Nothing to do With the Work Itself

Thankfully there are a few fringe benefits that come with work, including:

The benefit of having other people around who are having less of a shit of a day than you are

I’ve worked in small and large workplaces.  One of the advantages of working in a large workplace is that even if you are having one of the worst days of your life, there is always another relatively happy and perky staff member who is having a good day instead, and having them around does brighten you up immeasurably sometimes.

Getting to feel a bit distinctive because you are wearing keys/swipe cards

We all love to feel a bit special and being allocated keys or swipe cards that jingle about our person does the trick nicely.  Most of the time these keys and swipe cards only give you access to the metaphorical bowels of the company or organisation, and a lot of the time quite fittingly the bowels aren’t that much fun, but somehow or other we still like being authorised to work in them.

Work clothing

I don’t give a rat’s arse about what I look like or what I happen to be dressed in most of the time, but even I don’t mind feeling a bit smarter and more of the sizzling professional business woman when I go to work sometimes.  I’ve also worked in jobs where I’ve been able to wear the disco reflective stripes on the high visibility shirts, and sometimes I’ve even been able to drive a vehicle that has the matching reflective stripes, yay!  I don’t know about you but I love the disco stripes, despite the fact that none of the jobs I’ve done have ever actually incorporated any evening discos whatsoever.    Shame, really.


Let’s face it, most of us wouldn’t show up to work if there wasn’t any pay involved.  The fortnightly pay (plus superannuation) is one of the most important reasons we turn up.  The fact that it is paid fortnightly is also critical, as if we got our pay in a six monthly or 12 monthly lump sum, it probably wouldn’t hold us there.    

The opportunity to pretend that you know what you’re talking about

Work gives many of us the opportunity to provide information to the community, clients or customers.  Being in a position where you are giving information to other people because you supposedly know what you are talking about makes you feel rather important and special.  Occasionally someone above you feeds you bullshit and you inadvertently pass this on, but most of the time you do try to pass honest and useful information on.     

The Opportunity to be Drop Dead Gorgeous

Let’s face it, sometimes work does allow us to dress up and look a bit hot.  If we are single, sometimes work also gives us the opportunity to meet other attractive individuals.  It does also give us the opportunity to meet boring half-wits, but you just have to keep hoping that you’ll meet the attractive ones at some point.  Alternatively, if we are already in a couple, none of us minds being seen as a bit gorgeous by other people as we go about our very busy and important work (to quote Bridget Jones). 

Paid tea breaks

Some of the jobs I’ve done provided a paid 15 minute morning tea break.  It might be ridiculous, but I happily throw in the rest of the day just because I get a paid 15 minute morning tea break.  This 15 minute break gives me time to make phone calls, send texts and catch up on my life in general.  The allocation of just a few precious minutes allows me to feel a little bit organised again.  I can deal with the other 7.5 hours because I am given this small window of time for myself.

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