Romance is Fine in the Movies

I hate to admit it, but I really do love a good romantic comedy.

I know enjoying romantic comedies is embarrassingly girly, but unfortunately this is one girly tendency I just haven’t got away from. 

I absolutely love watching the unexpected frisson between the hero and the heroine, following the process they go through to get to know each other, and observing how they overcome various obstacles to get to the point where they start a relationship.

I love seeing likeable characters find a happy ending, and a blossoming romance is all part of this happy ending.

Unfortunately, while I absolutely love watching or reading romance, I’ve yet to do romance at all personally.

I’ve never set up something wildly creative and wonderful simply to see the delight in the face of my significant other.  I’ve never engineered anything just because I think he’d love it.

Basically I’m about as romantic as a pair of old moth eaten full cotton briefs.

If anyone asked me to frolic around with a heart shaped balloon while dressed as a lacy nymph like the woman in the below photograph, I’d stab them with it. 

For me, watching a romantic movie or reading a romantic novel is enjoyable, but I wouldn’t necessarily go to the effort of creating romance in my own life.

It’s a bit like eating versus cooking.  I’d much rather eat a beautiful meal than actually cook it myself. 

I’d rather consume romance than produce it.   

My significant other bought me flowers early on in the piece, so I bought him some not long after.  Embarrassingly, I did this not to be romantic, but because I felt I should even up the score.  He thought it was quite strange for myself as a woman to be buying him flowers as a man, but he also found it quite cute. 

Personally I’m not keen on romantic gestures that involve the expenditure of a lot of money, either as the giver or the receiver.  I’m extremely uncomfortable with receiving such gifts, because I feel like I’m being bought, and that I owe the person the same sort of thing in return.  I’m also way too much of a tight arse to give these sorts of romantic gifts, with my natural tendency to watch the budget always cutting in well before I go anywhere near such things. 

Standard romantic gifts like flowers or chocolates also don’t do a lot for me these days.  Cut flowers are just going to sit in a vase and die, and they are pretty much useless anyway.  Chocolates are at least useful, but as I tend to end up with chocolate smeared across my face when I eat them, I have a far greater chance of keeping my relationship if I’m alone when I enjoy them.  Besides which, I can easily just buy chocolates myself if I want them anyway.

As the length of my relationship with my significant other has extended, the bunch of flowers kind of romance has dropped away.  To be honest, my significant other and I also had to sort out a few issues before we gained a better understanding of each other and as a result, a better quality relationship.  We have had some beautiful romantic moments, but a lot of these have really just been him being wonderful when the chips were down. 

I also have to admit that at this point in my relationship, if my spouse did something extraordinarily romantic, I would be extremely suspicious as to what his motive was, and why he would go to the trouble to do this.

This is because I’m aware that I haven’t been the consistently loving, supportive and totally amazing significant other that really deserves these sorts of extra special romantic gestures.   

Because romance is the same as most other things in life; the more romantic things you do for someone, the more romantic things they do for you. 

Overall though, I still love the concept of romance. 

However I think that the most beautifully romantic gesture in the world is simply to set aside time for someone.  Personally, I prefer that this time be set aside for a shared enjoyable experience, separate from one’s mundane and every day existence.  These experiences don’t need to be expensive at all, but the thought put into them always results in something beautiful and memorable.  So if I ever get off my arse and try romance, I’d have a go at something like this. 

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