Show Me The Dance Floor

I just love watching drunk chicks dancing at the pub. 

I also love actually being a drunk chick dancing at the pub.

Women love the expression and the release of dancing. The addition of alcohol also helps remove inhibitions as well as conveniently boosts energy levels. 

Females never waste the opportunity to have fun with dancing. 

For me the dark hazy pub dance floor is always the most enjoyable part of the pub, especially when the band starts playing something decent, or at least plays decent songs during their breaks.  This allows me and my friends to release a bit of stress on the dance floor.  It gives us the opportunity to be complete dickheads and to enjoy ourselves unreservedly. 

Personally I’m never at all likely to pick up, but I didn’t give a rat’s arse about missing out on having someone’s tongue down my throat when there is the liberation and joy of dancing on offer.

Having said that, it’s amazing how few pubs have worked out that it’s a good idea to have a dance floor and play music that it’s possible to dance to.  Drunk chicks always want to dance, and if you give them the opportunity to have a few drinks and a fun night out to a hotel, they’ll not only spend money themselves, but bring the blokes along as well.

Men also express themselves on the dance floor, but fewer of them seem to feel free enough to do this.  It’d be great if more men enjoyed dancing purely because of the simple joys of physical expression and good music.

Dancing styles are also great fun to observe at the pub.  Some blokes (and even some women) simply shuffle their feet from left to right in what looks like an attempt to move as little as possible but still get away with calling it dancing.  Some people get into elaborate dance moves that incorporate starting lawnmowers and movements that are characteristic of a range of other activities, including the act of procreating.  

Some people like the up close and personal style of dancing, which is fine as long as it doesn’t end up with tongues down throats.  In my opinion tongues down throats is revoltingly bad form on a dance floor. 

Sometimes however, people can dance in close physical contact but hell would freeze over before tongues down throats even came close to happening.  I’ve seen people swiftly flying around the dance floor in a waltz, but the male seems sometimes seems to be simply manoeuvring his female partner around the dance floor like a mop, her shorter legs almost running in an attempt to keep up with his lengthier stride. 

I feel very lucky to have grown up with free style bogan pub dancing, because you don’t have to look fantastic, know what you are doing, or to have learnt anything at all to have a great time.  At the same time I have amazing respect for people who can actually dance particular styles of dance and do it without breaking the feet of their dance partner (this group definitely does not include me). 

Here’s to dancing of any kind, and to how amazing it makes you feel.

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© Annemaree Jensen 2019