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Extra Mile Writing

Some Common Traits of People Running Small Businesses

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I love people who run their own small businesses.

The reason I love people who run small businesses is because they all share the below awesome traits. 

To clarify though, I’m not saying that other people don’t have the below traits, they certainly do. 

However, I’ve noticed that all of the small business people I know possess the below totally rocking traits, so I thought I might as well list what I’ve noticed.

1. People who run their own small business have a great work ethic

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While there are plenty of other people in the world with a great work ethic, you certainly don’t run a small business without one.

A small business requires plenty of work just in order to get started, and a fair bit of it won’t be paid for. 

But you’ll do it for the greater good, because you want to create a business, no matter what the result might be.

Then you’ll work as you travel your small business journey, because you’ll make mistakes continuously and then try different ways of doing things.

And the work you’ll have to put in to direct the growth of this baby you’ve clumsily given birth to. 

2. People who run their own small business have to take responsibility and give something a red hot crack

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People who run their own small business have to be the kind of people who take responsibility.

Because running a small business means taking responsibility for an enterprise, taking responsibility for what it earns (and for what you earn as a result), and taking responsibility for achieving results for clients who are giving you money for those results.

People who run their own small business have to want to give something a crack.  They’re picking up the phone, they’re manning counters and they’re fronting up to client’s properties.  They’re turning up, and they’re brave enough to stand up and have a crack, no matter how much of a fraud they feel they are. 

Of course, all of us have to be brave enough to stand up and have a go in lots of situations.  Like when we start our first job as a young person, and pretty much when we try anything in life.  So yes, there are plenty of people who take responsibility and have a go at lots of things who may not run a small business.  It’s just that taking responsibility and having a red hot crack is definitely something that’s a part of small business.

3. People who run their own small business have to solve problems

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While there are lots of people in the world who aren’t running small businesses and who are awesome problem solvers, problem solving will always be required of you if you choose to run a small business.

You’ll have to be resourceful and find alternative ways to achieve what you need to achieve on a regular basis. 

Because small business will ask this of you, and it will then bless you with personal growth as your reward.  You’ll also immediately go into problem solving mode when something goes wrong, quickly looking for options and solutions rather than worrying about the problem, because practice will make you this way.

4. People who run their own small business are generous

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People who run small businesses are some of the most generous people I know.

I think this is because running a small business usually means starting with nothing and being extremely resourceful as part of getting it up and running.  It involves knowing what is important, and in contrast, what is superficial and false.  It involves learning how important your beautiful network is, because this network supports and sustains you throughout your life and through the ups and downs of your small business journey. 

Because running a small business forces you to discover what’s important, people I know who run small businesses give generously of themselves and their resources to things that are important, including the people they love and to causes that ensure future generations enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities that they’ve enjoyed, and that’ve enabled them to start their own business. 

5. People who run their own small business have a great sense of humour

man laughing at music concert

The old saying, “If you didn’t laugh you’d cry” is very true.  Running a small business can give you some great positives, but it also tests you thoroughly to see what you’re made of. 

It takes you on a journey, and it asks you to grow in resilience, strength and self-forgiveness as you walk that journey.  You make continual mistakes, and you’ll have to pick yourself up on grazed and bloodied knees more times than you’d like to remember.  

These experiences will give you a grand sense of humour.  And yes, there are plenty of other people out there with an awesome sense of humour, and I think a lot of these people have gone through other challenging experiences that have also blessed them with one. 

And a sense of humour is the best reward of all.

fairy with other fairies and elves

And lastly, I’d like to look at something else that small business people do, though it’s not a trait as such.

People who run a small business create income out of thin air. 

Whether you clean other people’s homes part time as a side gig, or run a full time business with multiple branches and lots of staff, you’re still creating income where none previously existed.

 You’re magically generating money by offering something of value to other people, and this is why small business is known as the key driver of the economy.

So whatever you’re doing, whether your running your own gardening round or selling products online from home, pat yourself on the back because you’re a sexy fairy that’s magically pulled money out of the sky and then sent it into the economy to boost the standard of living that we’re all enjoying.

© Annemaree Jensen