Too Many Fashion Disasters to Remember

My history with fashion disasters is enough to give me what you might call a fashion faux pas criminal record.

During my primary school years I could be seen in public sporting a full fringe that I could barely see through and hideous loose fitting colourful A line dresses.

At high school I wore socks and brown sandals with my summer uniform (which could be best described as a brown sack with a belt around the middle).  I also continued to impress with the full fringe look.  My face in the image below has been concealed to protect the innocent!

Yeah baby!

When I started university I could be seen around campus wearing a plain cotton t-shirt that would be tucked securely into belted high waisted shorts.  As you can imagine my social calendar was that explosive it pretty much blew right off the Richter scale.

A year or two into my university degree I progressed to wearing check flannelette shirts and faded black jeans.  I decided that the ambitious gritty bogan look might work better for me than the Ms Anally Retentive Shorts look.  Unfortunately my social calendar didn’t improve, however I felt better being the “f#%k you” bogan, so I was happy enough with the change.

Since then I have pretty much tried to avoid fashion or “fashion styles” of any kind, trying to stick with reliable classics or otherwise anything that is comfortable to wear.

Unfortunately I’m still regularly found with my sensible brief underwear as well as its underwear tag ambitiously climbing out the top of my jeans.  Luckily I have lots of beautiful people around me who tuck the tag back in for me if I’m attending a social event.

I also have a bad habit of leaving public toilets with my shirt or jumper still swallowed partially by my jeans, trousers or underwear.  I’ll then walk around feeling uncomfortable for a while before I realise that my top half is once again being held for ransom by my bottom half.

The beautiful thing is that as I am just a regular pleb I don’t have to bother with trying to look like a supermodel.  I think all of us plebs find this freedom truly wonderful.

© Annemaree Jensen 2017