I’m a Writer who lives in the eastern wheatbelt of Western Australia, but I don’t wish to bore you to tears with volumes of tedious text about me.

I love chocolate, the company of animals, rain and reading.  All of these at once is even better!

In my business I understand what people want to say with words easily, and then I create words that communicate this message clearly and effectively to the audience they want to reach.  Check out my Writing page to see some of the writing jobs I’ve completed.

This website is also very much about doing what I love to do, like we are all striving to do, even if we only manage to steal a few minutes each week to do so.

Hopefully it encourages others to believe in the amazing unique creature that they are and to answer the call from within themselves to do whatever it is they dream of doing.

Phone me on 0439 923 976 or email me at info@extramilewriting.com.au.

Thank you.