Extra Mile Writing

Extra Mile Writing

About Me: Small Business Copywriter

I’ve promoted businesses through Search Engine Optimised (SEO) written content (see my Writing Portfolio page).  I’ve produced SEO website and social media content, as well as blog articles, newspaper articles, media releases and position statements.  I can also be found writing and photographing tourism and farming articles promoting beautiful Western Australia.

What I care about

I’m passionate about small business, because it drives our economy and our world.

Small business means living our lives according to our own values.  It’s where we can achieve beautiful goals and serve our communities most effectively.   

Small business offers enormous value to our nation.  Small business invents and innovates continuously to meet the needs of the human beings it serves. 

It is small business that uses resources most effectively, provides more to human beings and generates wealth.

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The yadayadayada about me

I run another small business and I’ve worked in several economic and community development roles.  I’ve worked across a wide range of sectors, including business, non-profits, and all three levels of government. 

Industry wise, I’ve worked in tourism, community services, project management, postal services, waste, procurement, research, horticulture, mining and agriculture.

As a result I have years of experience and I have a practical, useful, real-life perspective.  I also understand a wide range of different industries and I love working with diverse people.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Curtin University that gave me a good grounding in the psychology of marketing.

Personally, I’m thorough, reliable, honest and generous.   

I’m a huge fan of really bad fashion and own a number of tragic wigs, simply because I enjoy looking ridiculous. 

I grew up on a sheep station near Mount Magnet in Western Australia and was educated through Meekatharra School of the Air. 

From a young age I loved being involved in an agricultural business, helping with mustering, lamb tailing, drafting and penning up.  The busiest times of the year were always during the school holidays, and I thrived on being responsible for getting the job done and loved being an integral part of the operation.  

I also loved my daily responsibility for feeding the chooks.  I think they perpetually wondered why I found it necessary to talk so much during my daily visit. 

I have lived in remote Western Australia, on a wheat/sheep farm in the eastern wheatbelt, and in regional Western Australian centres like Geraldton and Merredin.  I currently live in Goomalling in the wheatbelt of Western Australia.