Extra Mile Writing

Extra Mile Writing

SEO optimised content writing/website copywriting

These days of course, all content needs to be search engine optimised.  Because whether you’re writing your website page or a newsletter, most of us need as much bang for our buck as we can possibly obtain.  

You can check out how well some of the articles I’ve written rank below, I’ve included the search engine keywords they rank for:


Opt in offers/lead magnet copywriting

I write “lead magnets” or “opt in offers” that offer customers good value and actually make them interested in signing up to your email list.  A valuable free resource that actually makes people want to sign up to become a part of your business community is important, because we’re all sick to death of being constantly confronted by pop up boxes that don’t offer us anything worthwhile.   


Business copywriting, including case studies, capability statements and grants

Case studies can be a super awesome tool to demonstrate how your business helped a customer achieve outstanding results.  Capability Statements can also be useful, especially as a way to summarise your business offerings in a concise package for presentation within expressions of interest or tenders.  

I’ve written successful grant applications totalling over $510,000.  These successful grants have created new infrastructure and re-developed existing infrastructure, supported and increased local tourism income, and created community events.



I provide you with a set quote to look over and edit your content or submission as an objective outsider so that you feel happy that it’s polished and ready to rock. 

Essentially, I do all of the above and more because I love helping small businesses grow.T