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Extra Mile Writing

6 Benefits of Working from Home in Business

1. Working from home means you get more done

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Productivity can be a boring topic, so I’m not going to bang on about it. 

Essentially, you can get a lot more done running a business from home.  There’s no interruptions or casual chatter to distract you from achieving some solid outcomes.

This is of course as long as you have a quiet room with a door on it in which you can work. 

Or if the surrounding environment is never quiet, a good set of ear muffs. 

2. Working from home saves time and resources

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There are many benefits of working from home. One of the greatest privileges of working from home is not having to spend time (most importantly) as well as money travelling to and from a place of business or work every day.  There is such beauty and joy in being able to close off whatever you’re working on, and less than one minute later be meditating.  Or more likely, stuffing your face full of chocolate in the kitchen.  For me, getting 30 minutes of extra time at the start and at the end of the day is one of the most beautiful advantages in the world.

3. Your business is about you, and so is your home

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Running a business from a home office can makes good economic sense in certain kinds of businesses because you save yourself the costs associated with having business premises elsewhere.  There are also other advantages.  Your home, whether you rent it or own it is a property you’ve chosen.  It’s a space that you like, and it’s a reflection of you.  This means you’re working in a space where you’re comfortable and happy, and happy people are more productive. 

Because your business is a reflection of you, it also fits that your home be the nerve centre of your business.  Even if you have business premises that you need to attend most of the time, working from home is super powerful when you need a distraction free space to work on your business. 

4. You choose when you communicate and/or meet with people

The benefits of working from home and running my business still allows me to communicate with people when it suits me.  If I feel like I need to talk to a human being, I hop on the phone.  Or of course there’s videoconferencing (if I feel like seeing people on a screen).  Or I can go out and talk to prospective or current clients.  The fact that I’m running a business means I need to be marketing my services, so I have to schedule this into my week either way.  But if you’re working for an employer at home, there are always ways to get some human communication into your day and various ways to avoid home office loneliness.

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5. There’s a beautiful furry creature around

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Animals are hands down the best company in the world.  If you’re lucky enough to have a pet, running your business from home means you get to work in the same household as a beautiful furry creature.  Being able to pat my beautiful cat during my lunch break is honestly the greatest mood boost there ever was.  I’m lucky, because we currently also have three chooks that scratch around the yard doing their busy chook thing.  They’re not keen on a pat, but just watching them busily fossicking about the garden at break time is absolutely awesome. 

6. Benefits of Working from Home Is There’s Privacy

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If you’re like me and you occasionally end up with one or more scary large and weeping cold sores on your lip, you don’t have to worry because you’re working from home. 

Do you need to ring your doctor about that nasty venereal disease at lunch time?  You don’t have to discuss it with strangers in earshot while you’re wandering along on a cold city street.  Want to nuke a large bowl of tuna or eat sardines without worrying about stinking up the whole office?  Go for it.  Don’t feel like trowelling on six inches of make up before starting work?  Don’t bother, you’re beautiful just as you are.

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The Benefits of Working from Home

I’d just like to end on a super important note. 

It took a number of less than wonderful workplace experiences to make me appreciate the benefits of working from home.  I’ve worked in factories, and worked night shift in one for a short while.  I’ve worked for an organisation where I was one of 20,000 employees.  I was basically paid to sit in a cubicle and to cop a certain amount of abuse because of the organisation’s incompetence.  I’ve worked in jobs where the endless and increasing amounts of work I put in never achieved a return, because there’d always be some other gigantic mistake made by someone else, or some hangover from the past that would rear its ugly head to drown me in more work and leave me exhausted.  I could go on, but I think you get the idea. 

Running my business from home is an absolute blessing.

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