Finding Out About Sex

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I don’t know about you but I was catastrophically disappointed when I found out about sex.

I couldn’t believe that sex was indeed the activity that started my life as a human being, as well as the activity that adults undertook post kissing for enjoyment.

I remember watching romantic movies that always concluded with the heroine and hero sharing a passionate French kiss.  While the credits were rolling I imagined something mystic and amazing would then take place.  I figured that a suitably momentous and enchanted “thing” had to happen following the spine tingling romantic journey we had already travelled during the course of the film.

This seemed a fair expectation to a child with an imagination.

You can imagine how disappointed I then was when my mother briefly explained the reality of how children are made one day as she worked on her sewing machine in our laundry.  She professionally and matter of factly explained the simple basics of the process.  I’m not sure if I then uttered something that gave an indication of my disgust at what people had apparently been doing for centuries in place of the magical, clean and awe inspiring exchange I imagined they’d been undertaking, or if she finished the talk without me saying much at all.  I do however distinctly remember that one of the last statements she made was that sex was a beautiful thing.

Hearing that this base and grotesque activity was a beautiful thing from my own mother was the last straw.  I remember feeling extremely relieved that as I had now received “the talk” I would never have to endure this conversation again.

I grew up on an agricultural property and had already seen animals engaging in procreative activity.  This was certainly not a ceremonious or sanctified activity in the animal kingdom.  Seemingly it could happen anywhere.  In the case of dogs, the process appeared not only wholly unpleasant but even alarming when the two individuals had difficulty disengaging afterwards.

No wonder I was crushingly disappointed to find out that human beings were in fact just like animals and all that was on offer was a crude physical activity complete with nudity, mess and bodily fluids.  I wondered what the point of all the romance and lead up was, if we were just going to finish up as animals in the end anyway.

Looking back I have no idea how I thought a new human life could be created without some sort of physical exchange, and it wouldn’t have taken much thought to realise that this would also require at least some level of nudity.

However I will always be glad for my wild imagination because it allowed me to visualise magical and inspirational experiences happening to me, even though as it turns out I was clearly swinging right off the fairway on this particular subject.

© Annemaree Jensen 2017