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Extra Mile Writing

3 Awesome Videos that Demonstrate the Power of an Effective Video Script

Videos have always been one of the most effective mediums of communication.

People love them because they’re full of life, humour and action.  And they tell a story really well.

Focused and well written video scripts create the most memorable advertisements and the most memorable content.  People share these kinds of videos far and wide, and tell everyone they know about how cool they are. 

The below videos demonstrate the awesome power of well written and focused video scripts.

The first two are advertisements, and the last is simply one of the funniest and most awesome animated videos I’ve ever seen.  It’s an Australian video that was made by David Clayton and Andrew Silke in 2003, and luckily it can still be viewed on Youtube.

The first example is the below Daniel Craig versus James Bond Heineken advert from 2020.  The video is simply brilliant.

I just can’t resist the scene where Daniel Craig actually gets puffed out after running. 

And that taxi driver/waitress is a seriously spunky and seriously hot character.

The video ticks all the boxes of an effective video script, which are:

  • A clear goal – the Daniel Craig James Bond advertisement sells Heineken beer really well to ordinary Heineken beer drinkers. I’d also say it connects really well with ordinary people all round.
  • A great main character and supporting characters.

As Brid TV mention in their awesome article 8 Tips and Tricks for Making a Good Video Ad, the Daniel Craig versus James Bond Heineken advert also ticks off on:

  • A great story/plot;
  • A beginning that hooks or captures interest;
  • Brevity, with tonnes of meaning squeezed into a short amount of time. None of us have the time to watch anything that goes on for too long, and the Bond Heineken advert extends for only 2 minutes and 9 seconds; and
  • Humour, which captivates people and makes the advertisement super memorable.

The below Canal Plus advertisement also includes all of the above features of an effective video script. 

See what you think.  I just can’t help but smile when I watch this video. 

The final video is simply the most brilliant short animated videos ever made.  I’m sure David Clayton and Andrew Silke have made tonnes of money since making this video.

Huge thanks to my gorgeous sister Lara Jensen for the Canal Plus and What Happened to Baz videos.

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