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Why You Should Inject Humour Into Your Small Business Copy

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Humour in small business copy is not only entertaining, it’s highly memorable.

Businesses that make the effort to write original copy that expresses their style and personality are always rewarded.

Australian business White Label Comedy provides a good example.

If you click on the Entertain, Engage and Sell button at the bottom of their home page you are taken to a page that offers you the free guide, “How to Think Like a Comedy Genius* – And Supercharge Your Socials” if you provide your email address.  The text below the headline states, “*terrible dress sense and questionable life choices sold separately.”

The business Smart Blogger also includes humour within their unsubscribe text at the end of the emails they send out, advising, ‘If you no longer wish to receive any emails from Smart Blogger, please click here to unsubscribe completely.  Warning:  This will remove you from our list entirely and hurt Jon’s feelings.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to hurt Jon’s feelings.

Fabulous Western Australian business Bunsters also uses humour super effectively.

Bunsters created the famous Shit the Bed Hot Sauce, a product that is an outstanding bestseller for the business. 

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If you go to the Shit the Bed Hot Sauce listing under Shop Sauces on the Bunster’s website you will find an infographic that shows how much effort the business has put into writing humorous and memorable copy.

In fact, I’d argue that both their product and their business website is pretty much unforgettable all round.

Other examples of humorous copy include a classic advert from well-known prophylactics brand Durex.  They produced an advert that simply stated, “To all those who use our competitor’s products:  Happy Father’s Day.”

We all know that it’s the humorous adverts that get shared and talked about, because we all benefit from a smile and we love to share good things with other people.

And the great news is, you can inject personality, humour and life into your copy very easily.

The biggest part of doing this is simply giving yourself permission to be you and to do things your own way, rather than the same way that every other business is doing it.

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